About Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory

The Center for Traditional and Creative Technology, Open to the Local Community
For the advancement of the regional ceramics industry, the Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory aims to become the center for traditional and creative support for the local community by providing support in the following areas: research and development, technical support, commercial support, and human resource development.

Six Functions

  1. Research and Development
    Promoting research and development on new sources and procedures related to materials, and on advanced manufacturing techniques.
  2. Technical Support
    Providing technical consultations and guidance, testing services, open facilities/equipment, and intellectual property support, etc.
  3. Commercial Support
    Support of product manufacturing based on perceived marketing needs.
  4. Human Resource Development
    Nurturing human resources sought by the regional ceramics industry by offering technical trainings, lectures, business seminars, etc.
  5. Transmitting Information
    By publishing research reports, website, an E-mail newsletter, etc. and by holding lectures and exhibition, etc.
  6. Promoting Cooperation
    Forging close interactions with both domestic and overseas ceramics-related organizations, businesses, universities, institutes, conferences, and researchers, etc.
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