Technical Support

Technical Support

To facilitate product development and help resolve various technical problems existing within Saga’s ceramics industry, we provide technical consultations with our professional researchers; test and/or analyze materials based upon requests from firms in Saga; provide technical information; and open our facility and equipment for use. We work closely with local firms, providing them with technical support.

Technical Consultations and Guidance

Our researchers provide technical consultations for businesses coping with technical development, improvements in the manufacturing processes, claim handling, and technical problem-solving, while commercially manufacturing products.

Support for Product Development

We provide support for planning, designing, materials development, and production techniques with regards to product development of ceramics manufacturers and related organizations.

Testing Services

Through requests from manufacturers, we perform various tests, such as material analysis and/or strength examination, leading to improvement in product development and quality control for both traditional and advanced ceramics.

Open Facilities and Equipment

Our facilities and equipment are open for use by local businesses in support of research and development, and experiments with materials for product development.

Company Visits

Our researchers visit companies and manufacturers, introducing technical solutions for production problems, providing technical assistance, grasping the needs of the company, and sharing the results of research done at our center.

Committee Support

We support and cooperate to the formation of a human network, product development capability, and technical improvement by administering meetings with various specialized themes in the world of ceramics in Saga Prefecture, as well as providing lectures and seminars, and offering technical information.
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