Research and Development

Research and Development

As the center for the Saga Prefectural ceramics industry and technology, we conduct research on manufacturing techniques/technologies and the development of materials with the purpose of promoting both the traditional and advanced ceramics industries.

Traditional Ceramics

We work towards the advancement of the ceramics industry in Saga Prefecture in the following ways:
  1. Research on supporting commercialization
  2. Promoting digital technology used in ceramics product design.
  3. Developing clay bodies, glazes, and paints etc. of “next-generation” quality that function to meet the customer’s needs.

Advanced Ceramics

At the forefront of the regional ceramics industry, we provide consultations to various technical problems that manufacturing companies encounter, conduct research into technological development with regard to advanced ceramics, evaluation of characteristics, supporting quality control, environmentally-appropriate materials, energy conversion materials, and structural materials, e.g. research that anticipates new developments in advanced ceramics.

Cooperative Research with Other Manufacturers

We lead the industry in technological development with other research organizations and universities by cultivating coherence between government, industry, and academia through cooperative research that corresponds to the needs and the requests of the businesses in the local industry.

Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights

We strive to acquire/license intellectual property rights (e.g. patents, design rights, etc.) for our research outcomes. Acquisitions of these rights allow us to better di¬use and transfer licensed techniques to the ceramic industry in Saga. rough these e¬orts, we try to maintain a high superiority in the overall ceramic industry.
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