Period History
1916.5 Saga Prefectural Branch Oce for Engineers (Arita Technical School) was instituted.
(The predecessor of the Saga Prefectural Ceramics Experiment Station)
1928.10 Established as Saga Prefectural Ceramics Experiment Station.
The first Saga Ceramics Experiment Station was instituted in Nakadaru, Arita.
1930.2 The second Ceramics Experiment Station was instituted in Babashita, Shiota.
(The name was later changed to Saga Prefectural Ceramics Headquarters)
1955.12 Unified all local branches and integrated them into the Saga Prefectural Ceramics Headquarters.
1968.4 Relocation of the Saga Prefectural Ceramics Experiment Station to a newly constructed building in Tanohira, Arita.
1984.4 Established Advanced Ceramics Laboratory.
1988.4 The Guidance Department and Testing Department was reorganized into Traditional Ceramics Division and Advanced Ceramics Division.
1992.4 The name was changed to Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory.
1994.4 Relocation to a new building in the current location.
2009.4 Establishment of Planning and Management Division.
2016.4 Establishment of Human Resource Development in Ceramics Division.
2017.4 Establishment of Engineering Development Division, Project Design Division, Research and Planning Division and General Affairs Division
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