In 2016, the ceramics industry in Saga Prefecture reached a major milestone — the 400th anniversary of Arita porcelain. Saga Prefecture made the most of this opportunity by rebuilding the Arita ware brand, creating new markets, both domestic and abroad,and starting other projects that advance and promote the Saga ceramics industry. These efforts are ongoing and it is of great importance that continued support is offered to insure still further advancement of the industry.
   The Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory will continue to devote all of its energy to the promotion and advancement of the Saga ceramics industry by offering technical support and support of commercialization to local enterprises, supporting the opening of new markets, and by educating the talent that will carry on the traditional techniques of ceramic and porcelain manufacturing.

   Since the Laboratory was first established, we have walked alongside Saga ' s ceramics industrialists, and our primary duty has been to offer integrated technical assistance, including research and development, technical advice and guidance, commissioned tests, as well as offering our machinery and equipment for use. We will continue to contribute diligently to the ceramics industry in our prefecture and act as a “ center for traditional and creative technologies, accessible to the region.”

We ask for your continued support and encouragement of our efforts.

Shuji Yoshida
Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory
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